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Miso Rayu

  • 『MisoRayu』
    This is Chinese flavored Miso◎


    *You can use it as a dip sauce for tofu or vegetables


    *For the Gyoza sauce


    *You can put it in soup


    *For stir-frying


    *To the spiciness of all dishes


    (one of the soups in Szechuan Chinese cuisine)
    spicy soup rich in acidity◎


    Bamboo shoot(as much as you like)Fermented bamboo shoots that are often sold in the market are even better☆


    Enoki mushrooms (1 pack)
    Carrot (3cm)
    Tofu( 1pack)
    Chinese chives (1bunch)
    cellophane noodles (1 pack)
    Shiitake mushroom or king oyster mushroom(2 pcs)
    garlic (1clove)
    Sesame oil(2 tablespoons)
    Soy Sauce( 2 tablespoons~)
    Miso Rayu(as much as you like)☆


    1,Slice the garlic....Cut enoki mushrooms in half.....Cut the shiitake mushroom (king oyster mushroom) and carrot into thin strips....Cut the chive to around 3cm....Cut the tofu to around 1cm squares.....Cut the cellophane noodles to a size that is easy to eat◎


    2,Add the oil garlic in the pan and stir-fry it. Stir-fry the vegetables and mushrooms after that◎


    3,Add all the ingredients except the egg and add water until the ingredients just cover it◎


    4,Lightly season it with soy sauce and add your favorite amount of Miso Rayu◎


    5,Add the beaten egg when it boils◎


    6,Add a suitable amount of vinegar if you need a sour taste◎
    You can eat it as it is, on noodles or on rice◎◎◎


    The above recipe serves about 4 people☆
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