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Lemon Kouji

  • 『Lemon kouji』

    The refreshing sourness of lemon and the flavor of shio-kouji combine to make it extremely delicious and healthy just for everyday cooking◎


    <For the all-purpose sauce >
    For example, TOFU
    Top it with your favorite condiment and add lemon kouji and your favorite OiL then you can eat TOFU in a Neo way.


    <For the noodle sauce>
    Mix lemon kouji, soy sauce and vinegar in your preferred amount.


    < This is all you need for stir-fried dishes >
    When you cook stir-fried food, you only need to use lemon kouji to make it more delicious.


    <In the marinade of meat>
    If you marinate meat such as chicken or pork in lemon kouji for about 1 ~ 2 hours, the meat will become soft, juicy and delicious.


    The accumulation of daily choices is your future○●
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