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Garlic Sio Kouji

  • 『 Garlic Sio Kouji』

    * Garlic



    *Rice Malt(Kome Kouji)

    *Hemp Charcal


    ◎ For stir-frying


    ◎ Instead of soup bouillon


    ◎Marinated and sauteed vegetables


    ◎If you eat meat or fish.......

    Dress it with "Sio Kouji" for more than 30 minutes before grilling or frying it!!!(A small amount is enough)

    The smell will be removed and it will become soft☆
    (The longer you dress it, the softer it becomes)
    (It can be stored for a long time)


    ◎You can use it instead of salt☆


    ★Increased sweetness and umami
    ("Amylase" and "protease" of shio-kouji increase sweetness and umami components)


    ★reduce greasiness
    (The digestive enzyme called lipase in shio-kouji has the function of breaking down fat)


    ★regulate the intestinal environment
    (Oligosaccharide contained in shio-kouji has the function of increasing good bacteria in the intestines)
    ★The various digestive enzymes in shio-kouji break down food and make it easier to digest, so it is also expected to reduce stomach burdens


    ★The "Vitamin B2" and "Vitamin B6" contained in shio-kouji protects skin and mucous membranes from bacteria, and can be expected to enhance immunity.


    ★"Essential amino acids" contained in shio-kouji break down fat and make blood smooth


    ★"Vitamin B1" and "Vitamin B2" contained in shio-koji have the function of converting carbohydrates and qualities into energy and are useful for fatigue recovery
    In a word...........



    it's good for cooking and good for your health●○



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